My Poem “Mirror World”

Scientists say that they have detected

a stream of emanating Cosmic Rays –
powerful particles that are usually found
in the expanse of outer space –
that they believe may be
one of the first pieces of evidence
ever discovered of the potential
presence of a reality that may
exist alongside our own:
an invisible and divisible parallel universe,
but one in which the laws of physics
do not apply as we know them to –
because everything may be happening
in reverse to how we know they should go …
a universe in which time itself
may be running backwards
instead of the forwards momentum
that we are used to on
this side on the cosmic mirror –
and scientists believe this may be the case
because the Cosmic Rays
that were detected were not
coming from outer space,
they were coming from Antarctica,
right here on planet Earth.

Essentially, inadvertently,
scientists have accidentally
turned Science Fiction
into Science Fact,
fantasy into reality –
because for decades writers of
both prose and entertainment
have postulated and dramatized
that such parallel universes
are in fact real and yet detached
existences where life proceeds differently
but on some level has some
connection to our “normal”,
every day, reality.

I find this new discovery fascinating…
I find this new evidence inspiring…
I find the prospect of this new
anitclockwise universe as something
that may one day herald a greater
understanding of how the universe works…
I have always been lured to stories
of places like Lewis Carroll’s tale
of Alice when she stepped “Through
the Looking Glass” –
and it seems, as if lifted from
Lewis Carroll’s own spellbinding words,
that there is in fact somewhere
that we cannot see directly,
but which appears to be,
some kind of counter-intuitive
parallel universe – essentially
a “mirror world” that is an
alternate reality.

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