My Poem ‘When’

When things happen is no accident;
timing is everything;
when it is the right time to do something
is sometimes a matter of instinct;
when the conditions are favourable and right
anyone can do anything.

Sometimes you just know;
sometimes you just have a feeling;
sometimes you have to lead,
and sometimes you have to follow;
sometimes to learn how dangerous something is
you have to walk into a storm
and accept the possibility
that you might get struck by lightning.

Most things that seem accidental
are actually fateful;
most things that feel out of the blue
are wishes come true;
most things that feel natural
are the real deal;
most things that you want
you to work hard for,
but life can be so much easier
if you remember, and if you count on,
those who were there when you needed them
years before.

The time is now;
the choice is simple;
the rebuilding of anything can only happen
if you can truthfully make a vow;
time only counts if you make something of it;
if something means anything to you at all
then it is always worth reaching out
and trying again;
if you want to see a flower bloom again in your garden,
you need to take some time
and you need to pay some attention
to the importance of the ‘when’.

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