My Poem ‘The Eternal Boy’

What I think is one of the most amazing things
about being a child, is that when you are a child
you have no filter;
I personally think that despite their lack of words
and vocabulary, a child is an incredible and terrific communicator.
A child is the perfect communicator,
because they never stop asking questions,
and they always have an answer or an expression for everything;
a child will say anything, cry, laugh, dance, and sing,
without any feeling of embarrassment
or thought of doing anything wrong;
a child acts and bounces around in every way
like a coiled spring;
a child feels their most joyous and free
when they are testing the limits of what they are told.

I sometimes feel like Peter Pan,
like the boy who never grew up;
I sometimes feel like I am fighting against those in life
whom do not understand me, and whom would choose
to silence me and subdue my creativity,
and keep me from flying among the clouds in my own world –
my own personal Captain Hook.
Imagination is the key,
and something that people as they grow older forget that they have;
imagination and freedom of expression
is what we are all born with.

Growing up doesn’t mean losing yourself;
growing older doesn’t mean changing your child-like disposition;
growing physically doesn’t mean forgetting the awe of magic
that you can have even as an adult;
growing emotionally doesn’t mean cutting short
your journey of wonder expedition.

There are things that not even what happens to us in life
can change or erase;
there are things that cannot be found unless you look;
there are things that are forever crystallized
on the expressions of everybody’s face;
there are things that you just can’t stop or stub;
there is a spark of life and pure happiness
that stays with you from when we are a child,
and a reminder to us all that we should
never completely grow up.

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