My Poem ‘Fortune Cookie’

It is amazing how motivating a single word can be;
it is phenomenal seeing how powerful a message can resonate;
it is a thing of beauty to see someone reciprocating
the meaning of a single line of poetry;
it is unbelievable how much love a single poem can create.

People are like an onion of infinite layers;
life is like a game with an infinite number of players;
people have a sometimes untapped infinite capacity for adaptability;
life is a balance of bliss and tragedy.

We are all fascinated by the future
and about what has not yet happened;
we are all hopeful that life will work out the way we want it to;
we are all an influence on a friend;
we are all in need of something or someone
to hint, guide, help, and give us a realization about something
that we might want to do.

It would be helpful to have a crystal ball
to gaze into every morning to see what the day has in store;
it would be brilliant if you could tune in to a channel
on your television or radio, and replay everything you saw,
said, and heard, from the day before;
it would be a dream come true to read your future in a newspaper,
and see all the things that you have to look forward to;
it would be god-like and something omniscient
to be able to look into someone’s eyes, and read their mind,
and know instantly what someone is thinking about you.

I believe that there are subtle, sometimes blatant,
signs and messages from the universe,
and from the future, flashing right in front of us,
saying: ‘look here’, or ‘this way’;
I believe that when you find your groove and your way
things will fall into place and make sense,
and you will be set for life,
if you are curious, attentive, and lucky;
I believe that something that feels natural can never go away;
I believe that everything is intentional,
and I also believe that you should take notice and think a lot
about what and who speaks to you –
even if that message comes in the form of a fortune
that you find when you break open a fortune cookie.

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