My Poem “Keeping the lights on”

This Christmas, at least here in the UK,
it is going to be hard to keep the lights on within some houses because of the
high price of electricity that some households
are going to be forced to have to pay...
this Christmas people young and old
are literally going to have to
sit in the dark with no heating on
and they are literally going to have to
wrap themselves in blankets to keep warm,
because they know that they will be
unable to afford the total owed
on their eventual electricity bill...
this Christmas, more so than ever before,
people are going to have to choose
between buying presents for loved ones
or putting some money aside
for when the energy companies say
that it is time to pay up...
this Christmas people are going to
sacrifice their health, because they will
be unable to have what they need
to get well when they ultimately fall ill...
this Christmas people will have to
make choices that will have long-term consequences...
this Christmas people will have to
think even more about what they are spending
and how much things cost...
this Christmas people will have to
make the most of what they have,
because this Christmas everything is going to be expensive...
this Christmas people will have to
be creative and imaginative in many ways
as they gather around their Christmas tree
and they struggle to keep the lights on.

My Poem ‘O.C.D. Me’

I don’t think I have ever met anyone
in my entire life
who does not have an
obsessive compulsion to something;
I don’t think I have ever met anyone
who does not have a daily-routine;
I don’t think I have ever met anyone
who does not have something
to which they are drawn;
I don’t think I have ever met anyone
who, at one time or another,
who does not over-think…
to me, everybody has O.C.D. –
everybody has a desire to find
happiness through order;
everybody knows when they look around themselves
what the picture should be;
everybody knows that for every call
there must be a caller.

We all sometimes need reassurance about some things
in order to live a life without constant worry –
sometimes, however, our worries follow us
wherever we go…
some people cannot sleep properly
unless they find out things
that they don’t know;
we are all sometimes our own worst-enemy;
however, it is not always out fault –
because there are times when things
play on our mind, subconsciously,
and thoughts become like a bird
trapped in a house
just looking for a way out
so that they can fly-free.

Those with an O.C.D.
read every-thing into everything;
those with an O.C.D.
listen to the same songs over and over;
those with an O.C.D.
repeat the same things;
those with an O.C.D.
always remember.

As a writer, I am not afraid to admit
that when it comes to my writing
I have an obsessive-compulsion
to try and not make mistakes
in whatever I write –
I, however, am a human writer,
and not a machine who functions
and who is run by programs and mathematics;
whenever I see a mistake that I have made
it does play upon my mind –
however, after a while,
I eventually resign myself
to accepting that which I cannot control –
and I take a breath and do not panic… too much.

For some people, their O.C.D.
controls their entire life;
for some people, their O.C.D.
is what keeps them awake
when it is the dead of the night;
for some people, if they do not do something
then it could never be seen by them as done right;
for some people, their O.C.D. just takes over,
and something in their brain just takes control,
of their actions and they simply can’t help it.