A Poem A Day #338: Queuing for The Queen

People queued for miles,
people queued for hours -
almost for a entire day -
just so that they could make their way
to Westminster Hall in London
to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II
as she lay-in-state in her coffin
by bowing their heads and saying
a solemn goodbye to the only
Queen of England that generations
of people have grown up with
and who people young and old
respected, loved, cherished, and will miss
more than anyone can ever know.

People queued through the darkness of the night...
people queued through the bright sunshine of the day...
people queued along with thousands of others -
including world leaders and celebrities -
because they wanted the opportunity
to be in the presence of the body of The Queen
and so that they could give this extraordinary woman
the gift of their time...
people queued, people waited -
which the British public are famous
for doing better than anyone, it has be stated -
and after they finally got to see
the flag draped casket of The Queen,
some people were genuinely moved to tears
because the experience overcame them
and moved them in such a powerful and unexpected way.

People queued to be a part of history...
people queued to share this momentous
time in the history of the British Royal family,
the history of the United Kingdom,
and the history of the world itself,
with ordinary members of the public
who felt a genuine connection
and an affection for The Queen
the like of which no other Monarch -
past, present, or future -
will ever know, will ever feel, nor will ever see...
people chose to use their own two feet -
as their path took them alongside
the River Thames and the landmarks that can be seen -
to give something back to the woman
whose face still graces British stamps,
British bank notes, as well as photographic
and physical accurate artistic representations
of this once in a lifetime icon 
who will never be forgotten;
and if those people from all around the world
who made the choice to travel to London
and gather together in rememberance and in solidarity
with the members of the Royal Family
and the new King of England, King Charles III,
were asked would they do what they did again,
I believe almost all of them would say and agree
that they believed that by standing in line
with thousands of other people
they were doing something important,
impactful, and incredible 
by queuing for The Queen.

My Poem “Her Majesty”

I will never forget the 8th of September, 2022 -
the day that I and the entire nation of Great Britain
mourned the passing of
Queen Elizabeth the second...
it had been raining on and off all day -
and for some reason when I heard
that members of the Royal Family
were rushing to be by The Queen's side
I had a feeling that we soon may be
witnessing the end of her reign.

When it was announced that The Queen
had died,
I must admit that I and my family did indeed cry -
because we had lived with The Queen
all our lives,
and she had always been
like a grandmother to our entire nation
whose image we had seen and carried with us
wherever we went and whenever we needed
to use some physical pounds and pence.

Things will never be the same again...
now King Charles III will take
his mother's place as the head of state...
now when we sing the national anthem
we will have to say "God Bless The King"
instead of "God Bless The Queen"...
this year The Queen celebrated having
spent 70 years on the throne -
70 years in which she showed true strength,
grace, regality, and a sense of duty
to her people and the country that she loved...
Queen Elizabeth II and I shared the same birthday -
the 21st of April -
and though we were not at all close in age
I always considered the fact that we were born
on the same day and the same month
to be something special to me, for some reason.

It is the end of an era...
it is the end of what is it being referred to
as the "second Elizabethan Age"...
it is the end of one reign
and the beginning of another -
but no matter what happens going forwards
nothing will be the same...
it is with a deep and profound sense of sadness
that I must write about the death
of a woman who was inspiring
and influential to so many people
in so many ways for seven decades -
and even though I was never lucky enough
to get the chance to meet The Queen personally,
I will always remember her as being
someone who every year I wanted
to watch the Christmas message of,
someone who personified
the importance of obligation,
pride, duty, legacy, and family -
which is why I will always think
fondly of The Queen, Elizabeth II,
Her Majesty.
Queen Elizabeth II
21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022