My Poem “Expect the Unexpected”

When we are children
we are told what we can,
what we cannot, what we should,
and what we should not do...
even as we get older some people
do not want to give up their control
over their offspring and allow them
to walk on their own two feet
and give them the gift of trust and independence...
if people are beholden to too many restrictions
when they get the opportunity
some people will naturally rebel -
especially if they feel as if they have nothing to lose...
if people are told that plans have already
been made for them to do something,
without first being consulated,
then independently minded individuals
will give their own two cents
and go their own way -
because some people do not like
having the gift of choice being taken away from them...
there is an unmistakable look in the eye
of someone who is always going to buck the trend
and not do what they are told...
there is a noticeable expression on the face
of those who say one thing
but who are almost definitely going to do the opposite...
there is a path of past actions and transgressions
that when reflected upon
may be able to predict when, why, and how
someone will ultimately break the mould...
there is an unwritten rule
that even the most predictable, dependable,
and admittedly boring people
can at times surprise even themselves -
and that is why, even of ourselves,
we should all sometimes
expect the unexpected.

My Poem ‘Random’

The randomness of the world
is a wonderful thing to see;
the diversity of people’s choices
is fascinating to witness;
for a keen observer like me,
seeing the combination of colours,
shapes, styles, and individual obsessions,
is, in and of itself, a work of poetry.
Seeing the similarities that people share,
and how they knowingly and not so accidentally
emulate each other, is to me
like receiving an infinite number of presents
at Christmas.
Despite the randomness, however –
there is undoubtedly an underlying order and reason;
a chaotic and random universe, to me, is a myth;
there have been too many coincidences
that have been revealed to be fateful
and pivotal decisive choices
which have changed entire lives
for me to ever stop believing
that there is a system, a structure,
a network, a complex modus operandi at work
that governs the entire universe –
and to grasp such a phenomenal concept
you only need to think about and observe
the moon orbiting around the Earth,
or the Earth orbiting around the sun.

There is no such thing as an accident;
everything is happening in relation to each other;
memories and emotions play their part in our decisions –
but most of the time we do need to keep
the intensity of our feelings more or less undercover;
and deeper down in the undercurrent
of the universal consciousness,
there are things occurring
that will invisibly but quietly noticeably
affect everyone, as there is the rise to prominence
of new creations of wonder.

In the moment is like a laboratory;
inside the genetic structure of a person
there lies a charm of causality
and a pattern of evolution
and adaptability called DNA;
even in a drop of rain from the sky
there is evidence of a cycle of life
that is far from random.