My Poem “Proof”

Some people can believe in
that which they cannot see...
some people can pretend to be
someone they know that they are not...
some people need something
and someone to believe in...
some people need someone
to believe in them so that they
do not feel lost...
some people can be what for so long
they used to believe they were incapable of being...
some people go where they always
believed they would always be unwelcome...
some people have gifts with which
they can live out their dreams -
like someone with a voice who believes
that they were always born to sing...
some people want some things -
and then something happens
and all the puzzles pieces of their life
get tossed up in the air
and they have to rely on the power
that sustains all who never stop believing...
some people sometimes have an experience
that is so extraordinary they
find it impossible to find the words
to make people believe what happened to them...
some people sometimes feel that they
have something to share so deeply
that they truly believe they have to
tell the world about it by shouting
about it from their roof...
some people want to live a life
of love and belonging and would
do anything and believe anyone
to have a relationship with someone
that daily deepens...
some people can naturally accept things
they receive and "not look a gift horse in the mouth " -
whereas some people need more
of a reason to make a change or to make move,
because before some people will believe
something or the words of someone
they sometimes need that which
is sometimes intangible: