My Poem “Puzzle Pieces”

Every day I see puzzle pieces strewn around me -
which is fine because I have
always loved a good mystery...
every day my interest is peaked
with fascination by questions -
those I perceive and read
emanating from people, places,
experiences, circumstances,
and situations, like a nectar to a bee...
every day I find myself following
the breadcrumbs left behind
by everyone who may not wish
to have the truth about something
laid bare for all to see...
every day I take a leap and I allow
my instincts to drive the thoughts
of my mind at full speed...
every day I look and I always see something
that intrigues me and invigorates my curiosity...
every day I unlock internal doors to inner places,
like a locksmith of multiple keys -
but sometimes when I do
I find myself in rooms filled with
the things of people that sometimes
feel out of place and out of context,
like a mismatch of fragments
that you sometimes find interlaced within a dream...
every day I decode one decrypted message,
and the next I see a gap within a tapestry
and I have to find out what and where
to find the missing puzzle pieces.