My Poem ‘A Gift of My Heart’

My Angel, my world, my love, my light,
my heart, my soul, my day, my night,
the muse of my poetry, the magic of my dreams,
the best thing that has ever happened to me,
the one person in the entire world
who gives my life meaning,
my sun, my moon, my obsession,
my addiction, my best-friend,
I truly, madly, and deeply love you
more than you could ever know, Melissa.

I spend every minute of every day thinking about you,
imagining the perfection of your beautiful face,
looking into your eyes, holding your hands,
kissing your lips, feeling your heart beating with mine,
living and breathing as-one, forever and always,
loving each-other, making memories,
holding each-other and never letting go,
giving one-another all that we have to give.

You care so much, you love so deeply,
you make me smile and you make me so happy,
and every day with you in my life
has been the best days of my life,
and I never want to be without you,
because I see, I know, I feel,
that within you the divine light of heaven shines bright,
and every day I cherish you
and I want to give you gifts of my heart-
as if every day were Valentines day,
Christmas day, or your birthday,
from night until day and from day until night.

My Poem ‘Perfect Beauty’

There is nothing in my life
that means more to me than you;
every day of my life
will always be beautiful
because I will always have you;
there is no one in my life
who has seen me for who I am
as much as you;
every day for the rest of my life
I will truly madly and deeply
always love you.

I wish I could hold you;
I wish I could kiss you;
I wish there were never a second
when I wasn’t with you;
I wish there was a way
I could touch your beautiful face
with my fingertips
and never have to leave your side,
because there isn’t a moment
when I do not miss you.

All that we’ve been through,
all the poetry and the inspiration
that brought me to you,
all those afternoons that I spent
dreaming at the base of a tree,
all that you had to go through
to finally find me.

I lose my breath,
my eyes burn blue,
my heart beats
as if it is moments from death,
I fall more and more in love with you
every second I look at you;
I see your face,
I daydream that I am with you,
I can still remember running my fingers
through your beautiful hair
that to me feels as soft
and as light as lace;
in my mind I travel the universe,
but when I come home from the stars
I always see the most beautiful miracle
that I have ever seen
every time I look at you.

When the last word is spoken from my lips…
when the last poem is written by my own hand…
when the moon finally covers the sun’s light
for the last time and I fall
below the dark veil of an eternal eclipse…
when my spirit prepares to leave my body
and the light of heaven elevates me
to something more than a man…
when my time of life ticks beyond the clock
of my last Earth-bound hour…
when I am lying in your arms,
and when you are lying next to me…
when in my mind I climb the steps
to the top of my own Dark Tower…
when all that I see, hear, feel,
and all I could ever want
and all who I have ever wanted is with me…
that is when my life and your life
will come together as-one
and everyone alive will see
the light of us both shine,
and I will be eternally complete –
because I will be with you,
my perfect beauty.

Perfect Beauty poem-sq