My Poem “Adopt a Word”

Many years ago now I adopted a word -
a word that would come to define me,
a word that would come to inspire me,
a word that would come to mean more
to me
than any other word -
because as soon as I saw that word
I knew who and what I was,
because I knew that that word
was me and had always been me...
over the years I have used many words
to describe what I have seen, what I have felt,
what I believe, what people have meant
and continue to mean to me -
but there will only ever be one word
that says more than I ever could
about what it means to be someone like me:
a dreamer, a storyteller, a writer -
but not like any other,
because the word that I found
and which found me
I have come to realize has a power of its own
that can open doorways to places,
that can bring back memories of the past,
as well as give the gift of a vision
of as-yet unrealised brand new worlds...
many people have read what I have written,
and when I am writing from the heart
then what I write in every way is all me
and my life, as told through my poetry...
many languages are spoken,
many languages are there to be read,
many people are constantly looking
for a purpose to their life
and for the reason why they are alive -
and from the moment that I started down
my path through life and I started to
see beauty in every facet of the world,
I knew that when I chose the word "Poet"
I had adopted a word that was in every way
who I was and who I would always be.

My Poem “Don’t walk away”

It’s hard to learn how not to do something
when doing that something has meant so much to you…
it’s hard to change how you see something
when that same something has been
what has defined you for so long…
something new isn’t always what you need…
something you already know feels so good,
because it is what gives birth to your dreams…
walking away from somewhere where everybody
knows your name and what you like,
walking away from someone who knows you
better than anybody, is a truly selfish act…
walking away from something, or someone,
when you have no good reason to do so is bad,
and when you try to start again without something,
or someone in particular, in your life, you feel empty,
you feel sad, you feel like you are going mad…
things can be tough sometimes…
everybody makes mistakes…
we are all human – which means that
we do not have unlimited time to waste…
when we walk away from something, or someone,
we sometimes leave behind a vital part of ourselves,
a part of our soul, and afterwards we feel like
we are living in a limbo-like daze –
because we are not the same…
if I could turn back the clock
I would definitely do some things differently;
Why? Because I have learned the hard way
that some things feel right for a reason,
and if you truly value the way that something,
or someone, makes you feel
then you should never walk away from them –
because, take it from me,
one day you may regret that decision.