My Poem “The Bad Days”

At twilight hour I throw
my hope for the future into the fire,
as I look back over my shoulder
and I wonder why did it all fall asunder -
why did everything fall apart,
why did I make the mistakes I made,
why did I allow someone to once again
capture my heart and take me
for an emotional ride to a place
from where I now feel disgrace?
Maybe this is my penance for something
I might have done in a past life?
Maybe this is the end that has always awaited me:
a pain in the chest that hurts
like being stabbed by a knife?
It's all my own fault, of course -
I know that it is...
It's always me who finds himself 
on the losing side of a game
that he was never meant to win.
Why does this always happen?
Why me? Why now? Why then?
I thought today was special,
I really did...
I thought today was beautiful -
but I did not see the demon
who was hidden behind the smile
of the face I thought I knew so well
but who in truth was the face of a witch.
As evening becomes night
I look at the glowing light in front of me
and I hope and I pray that I will be saved
from the pain of yesterday -
because I do not believe that I deserve
to feel this way time and again;
or maybe this repeating pattern is my true fate?
As I prepare myself for what awaits me,
after all the lights go out,
I close my eyes still holding onto hope
that tomorrow will be a true new beginning
and a step towards the good
and away from all the bad days.