My New Book ‘The Comeback Kid’ – Out Now!

I believe that Life is Poetry, and I believe that Poetry is Life. I believe that Change is the Music of the Universe, I believe that Light cannot be seen without Darkness. I believe that the faces, the voices, the Memories I have of those whom I have known, who have inspired me throughout my life, are more important than I could ever put into words. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I believe that the Poetry of Everything that has happened to me is the reason why I am here.

My new poetry collection ‘The Comeback Kid‘ is filled with over a hundred poems about life, light, inspiration, loss, love, experiences, recollections, relationships, feelings, emotions, memories, the path, the journey, the trials and the tribulations that we all have to face to fulfil our destiny.

Get your copy of my seventh poetry collection ‘The Comeback Kid’ on Amazon now!


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