My Poem “Out of your shell”

It is good to challenge ourselves...
it is good to take on new responsibilities...
it is good to do things
we have never done before -
in fact, it is essential in maintaining
our mental health...
it is good to expand our knowledge,
see the sights and meet new people
from different localities...
it is good to be immersed
in the unfamiliar...
it is good to test our tolerances...
it is good to let down our guard
and converse with people
who have different answers
to the question: why are we here?
it is good not to worry
about if someone is watching
and just do your thing -
even if it leads to you involuntarily
making a joke, singing, or starting to dance...
it is good to look the way you want to look...
it is good to have your own opinion
of what is beautiful...
it is good to have an imagination
and to have the gift to be able
to see the faces and to hear the voices
of characters that you read in a book...
it is good to step out of your comfort zone
and embrace the opportunity
to be able to fly free of your nest
and naturally find yourself
coming out of your shell.

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