My Poem “Walk The Walk”

Some people say that they
are going to do something,
but they never do...
some people say that they
are going to be somewhere,
but they never are...
some people make promises
to make something happen,
but they never make the right moves...
some people say that they
are going to make a difference
but they never make their mark.

Talking about something is good...
dreaming about something is wonderful...
one drop of anything can
eventually lead to an epic flood...
believing that someone will be there
for you when you need them is great,
because it is necessary in life
to trust and to have faith in people.

Not everything can happen
how we want it to...
sometimes some people are,
unfortunately, all talk...
not everybody is as forthcoming
about their intentions and motivations,
and sometimes someone who we thought would never change
can surprise us by doing something
we never thought they would do...
in my experience, if and when you can,
you should always endeavour to
be a person of your word,
and when you need to, if you are able,
if you are going to talk the talk
make sure that you also
walk the walk.

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