My Poem “Hola!”

Hola! Hello! Hi!
Whether it is morning,
afternoon, or at night,
people greet each other
and reconnect with one another
to continue the experience of
synchronicity through communication,
by opening and closing their eyes
and by opening and closing their our mouths -
sometimes voluntarily,
sometimes because it is expected,
sometimes because certain actions
over time can become rituals,
sometimes because if certain
cultural norms are not met
people can be easily offended.

The value of something
and what something costs matters
a great deal to some people...
a single word, a gesture, a look,
a smile, a touch, can go a long way...
a memory, a thought, a consideration
for someone else can mean the world...
a message from someone special to us
can make our entire day.

There are countless instances
over the course of our life
when subtleties leave a more lasting
impression than those that might be
considered more grandeur in size...
the best way to tell whether someone's
intentions are honest and selfless
is always to look into their eyes...
there have been thousands of languages
invented since the dawn of humanity
when a small group used to look up
to the sky and dream, wonder,
worship, and ask for answers.

Whenever you find yourself
in a place you do not know well
it is always helpful and customary
to learn some of the "local lingo" -
and while on holiday recently
that is exactly what I tried to do;
however, since I have come back,
I have found myself having to hold back
saying the word "hola" -
Why? Because for days on end
I used that word over and over again,
more times than you can know,
to greet to whomever I came into contact with,
and now I have to retrain my brain
to once again revert back
to saying a simple "hello".


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