My Poem “Stand Up”

I do my best creating while I am sitting down,
but I do my best performing when I am standing up...
when I write a poem, or a story,
I have a keyboard or a notebook in front of me;
but when I am recording something I have written
and I am talking into a microphone
I am always doing so while standing on my own two feet,
because to me there is no better way
to let out what is inside of you -
and if you don't believe me
you need only watch and listen
to a seasoned stand-up comic
who knows what it is like
to have an audience in front of them
captivated with anticipation
at what will be uttered from their mouth.

Performing in front of an audience is not easy
and it is definitely not for everybody...
talking to others is what some people
might consider the hardest thing they have to do...
some people are extroverts
and being the centre of attention
is like being given a jolt of energy:
however, some people would rather
stay out of the limelight, in the background,
and remain hidden from view.

With practice, I have learned
to use my senses to filter out the inconsequential
and focus on what matters the most...
with repetition, I have come to understand
the best way to communicate
what it is that I want to say
and to do it with no other voice than my own...
with a saved lexicon of language and life experience
I am able to convey my thoughts -
but sometimes even my own internal dictionary
is not capable of finding a way
to describe everything,
because sometimes words are not enough...
with confidence, which can sometimes
only be found after a long time of looking,
I believe that everybody can find a way
to become more than they
ever imagined they could be
and deliver their own form of magic -whether they are sitting down
or whether they are standing up
delivering jokes, telling stories,
or reciting verses of poetry.

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