My Poem “Lily of the Valley”

I was once addicted to a Lily of the valley -
and from the moment that I first saw them
I felt something overwhelming
start to grow within me...
from the moment that we met,
I loved them more than I had
ever loved anything or anyone before -
because, as soon as I saw them,
they ignited a fire inside me that raged like a storm.

I gave them all my time and all my attention -
I walked away from everything and everyone else,
because I believed that we were
meant to be together,
because we had such a strong
and undeniable connection with one another.

From the moment I gave them my number,
our constant back and forth began -
and before I knew it, we were calling, meeting, kissing, hugging, walking in the park,
as well as going to Starbucks and hanging out.

I gave them my heart, and I thought that I had theirs -
we played games, we laughed, we joked, we cried,
and we told each other we loved one another;
however, now I realise what my friends
were trying to tell me,
but which I could not see with my own eyes:
that I was being used by someone
who did not really care
and that almost everything from
their mouth was nothing but a lie.

They made me feel amazing -
but there were times when they made me feel sad...
I was so happy when I was with them -
but now that I see their manipulation
of me,
I must admit that I do feel mad.

I believed that we had something
that would last forever,
because what I felt for them was so powerful
and because I felt like I had
been waiting for them my entire life -
but now, when I remember them and what we did,
the memory of the time we shared
cuts right through me like a knife.

I was stupid, I was in love...
I honestly thought that they were
a blessing and a miracle from heaven above...
I was wrong, and I wish that I could
turn back the clock
and make believe that everything that happened
all happened inside of a dream...
I wish that I could get back all the time
that was robbed from me
and from those who wanted
to spend more time with me.

Who knows what might have happened, 
who knows how different my life now would be,
had I not been tempted by
the poisonous Lily of the valley.

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