My Poem “Always With Me”

Every day, I climb the hill
to stand alongside, to speak to,
and to hear the voice of my Dad -
as I always have, and as I always will,
because my Dad will always be
the golden light that guides my way...
every day, I feel like my Dad is still with me -
because he is;
wherever I look at a photograph of my Dad
I know that he is standing alongside me,
with an arm around me,
as he whispers his lasting wish:
"Be there for those who matter the most"...
every day, when I am with my Dad
the sound of birdsong can be heard all around,
and often times a robin or a pair of magpies
visits also and sings in a nearby tree,
which always makes me smile
at the same time that I start to cry...
every day, I tell my Dad I love him and I miss him
and I feel the touch of love
from my Dad that I always felt
when I looked into his eyes,
when in my mind I felt our unique connection -
which is why I will always remember,
and why I will always reflect upon,
what my Dad did for me
and what he will always mean to me -
and even now, every day, and forever
I know more than ever
that even though my Dad
may now rest atop the hill,
what made him who has was,
who he is, and who he will always be,
will always be with me
wherever I go.

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