My Poem “Keep on Loving”

We learn to love
from the moment that we are born,
from the moment that we
open our eyes for the first time
and we see the face of the one
who gave us the gift of life...
we learn what love is as our thoughts,
feelings, and our emotions blossom
and develop to a point where we know
what we want and who makes us
feel what we have always wanted to feel.

We learn what it is like to feel
as if our heart has been physically
ripped out of our chest
when our heart is broken,
when we feel like we will never recover
after someone who we cared deeply for
decided, for whatever reason,
to go their own way and say goodbye.

We learn what it is like to feel renewed,
to feel reinvigorated,
and to have been given a reinfusion of hope
when we find someone and,
from the moment that we see them,
we fall in love and we believe
that we know them
just as much as they know us -
and that from that first look, that first touch,
what you share will be forever -
but the truth is if you truly want to know someone
sometimes it can take a while.

We learn when to say some things
and when it is not necessary to say
anything at all when we spend more
and more time with someone
and we develop an almost psychic
bond that goes beyond the sound of our voice...
we learn that sometimes we are compelled
to do things because of how we feel
that can manifest in actions
beyond even our own understanding...
we learn that when we say
"I love you" to someone
sometimes it is because
we do not have a choice...
we learn that sometimes in life
we all have to sacrifice
something to someone -
because, by doing so,
our actions show
that when it comes to being in love
we will do whatever it takes to be loved
and to keep on loving.


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