My Poem “The World Beyond”

The world can change
for all of us very quickly...
the world we always knew
can seem something and somewhere different
when something unexpected happens...
the world can be many things
to many people beyond what can be seen...
the world we have always been familiar with
can always have layers to it that can lead 
to a world within that has a music to it that,
when the time is right, you can hear
if and when you choose to listen.

The world does not end below our feet,
nor above our head...
the world is sometimes only seen
for what it truly is when we look
but do not think...
the world does not rest...
the world is everything that has happened,
everything that will happen,
and everything that we can only dream of
when we blink.

The world is bigger than can be imagined...
the world is to what we all are bound...
the world is what we receive messages from
and it is to whom our wishes are sent...
the world is growing rapidly every day,
and though the world will never be
as we want it to be
there will always be more
than our eyes can show us -
because there will always be
a world beyond.

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