My Poem “World Between Worlds”

There is a line between darkness and light...
There is a state of mind between
hope and fear...
There is a place where both love and sadness reside...
There is a world within where we all
wear our inner smiles,
and where we all shed our hidden tears.

There is a reason for what we do
that sometimes only we know...
There is a mirror version of ourselves
who tells us what is real rather than
what we think is true...
There is an endless kaleidoscope
of memories and thoughts from our life
that when we dream we go to...
There is a path that people choose to take
when they feel as if they have nothing left to lose.

There is a balance that we all need to find...
There is a cause that we all rally around
because it means more to us
than could be captured with words...
There is a story that only we can tell -
and by the act of sharing
that which we have lived through
the truth shines and eventually parts
the clouds of deception and lies...
There is something and someone
important to us that we cling to
whenever, and wherever,
we know that we are somewhere
that is a world between worlds.

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