My Poem “Variety”

I love to listen. I love to observe.
I love to imagine. I love to converse.
I love to watch people doing things
that they are invested in,
and I love to watch people do things
that they might not even know
what exactly they are doing.

I love stories, I love characters -
and life is full of an infinite number
of tales that, unless you were a witness to them,
you could not and would not believe
that were in fact real.
I love music for many reasons -
but mostly because music is like gravity:
it is ever-present throughout our lives,
it influences us, it grounds us,
it is a force of nature that stars of all kinds,
sizes, and colours create and sing
without even knowing it,
and because it existed before us
and it will live on after us in varying forms,
rhyming and never repeating.

I love that there is more than one
season of nature where I live -
because it stops every day from feeling
like a copy of the day before,
like it must feel to people
who live in a country where the weather,
the temperature, the sights,
the sounds, are all the same -
because what I love and what I embrace
the most about the world that I live in
is that there is always
so many sources of variety.

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