My Poem “Like a Paper Bag in the Rain”

Getting from place to place
is not always as easy
as a hop, a skip, and a jump...
getting what is in your mind
on to a piece of paper is sometimes
not as easy as it sounds...
getting what you want in life
is not always want is meant to happen...
getting an idea is sometimes
the first step of many that you need to take
to get the final rocket launch
of a final product off the ground...
getting help when you need it
is not always guaranteed -
however people can surprise you,
especially strangers who can see
that you might benefit from
a helping hand of their assistance...
getting reassurance from others
about what someone is doing
is essential for some people
who rely on constructive opinions,
not criticism, of their actions
to fine-tune their art...
getting somewhere when the sun is shining
is always much easier to do than
attempting to get somewhere
when it is slippery, or wet -
but however you find your way
through what you have to go through
to make it to where you need to be
if the end result is worth it
then you will risk being completely
decimated, disintegrated,
reborn, and reconstituted
like a proverbial paper-bag in the rain.

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