My Poem “Big Heart”

I care about people... I care about places...
I care about things that matter to me...
I care about the people who care about me...
I care about the places that I have visited
that will always have a connection to me...
I care about the things that will always interest me,
anchor me, thrill me, and inspire me...
I have welcomed many people into
my circle of friends and I have trusted
some people as if they were family -
but, occasionally, unfortunately,
I have had my trust taken for granted...
I have found myself in places of extreme beauty
that I loved every moment I was there -
but, because I shared my time with others
who have over time seemingly put me on mute,
whenever I return to some places
I see and I hear echoes of the past that, because I am who I am,
have not faded from my memory...
I have had things of mine taken away from me -
things that I have had to adapt to living without;
however because everything of importance,
at one time or another,
always leaves an indelible impression on me
the touch of something, of somewhere,
or of someone lingers on and can never
be banished from the limitless world within
of my big heart.

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