My Poem “God”

"What if God were walking these streets right now?"
Said one friend to the other.
"Maybe they are. They could be anyone -
a man, a woman, even a dog?"
Replied the other friend, as they both
walked from one side of the city to the other.
"Well someone did ask
a similar question in a song once:
What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us?
Just a stranger on a bus
trying to make his way home?"
Said the friend, as they recalled the lyrics
to the 1995 song 'One of Us' by Joan Osborne -
which the other friend replied by saying
they had never heard of.
But what if you did walk passed God?
And what if God walked passed you?
Would they look how you imagine them to?
Would they look like the picture
that has been painted of them?
If God stopped you and talked to you
would you heed their message -
or would you just walk on by?
God could be anybody.
God could turn up when you least expect them.
God could be a man dressed in black;
God could a man dressed in white;
God could be a woman in red walking fast;
God could be a child who when they smile
is able to brighten even the cloudiest of days
or the darkest of nights.
If there is an almighty then there is no way
any of us can ever be truly lost -
because everything happens for a reason,
because everybody meets other people for a reason,
and if there were a way to describe
why things happen and when
then why not call them "God"?

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