My Poem “Transitional”

Life is always transitioning
from one state of being to another -
but the act and the art of change
is no more apparent, prominent,
invigorating, and awe-inspiring
than at the time of the year
of when Spring becomes Autumn
when the leaves of the trees change colour
and then ultimately let go and fall...
people are always thinking, listening,
feeling, and looking for new things,
or familiar things,
to excite or reignite their senses -
and there is no time like the present
when anybody can seemingly do anything,
when anyone can look how they want,
when anyone can be whoever
and whatever they want to be...
places are always having new visitors to them,
and there are always those people
who return to a place time after time -
because a certain place has something about it
that is special, magical,
and gets under a person's skin deeper than a needle.

In my experience life is full of poetry...
in my experience people are more pliable 
than they think they are...
in my experience every place has a story
that speaks volumes and can be heard
if you want to hear what it has to say...
in my experience life experience is
what gives us all the gift of indistinguishable individuality...
in my experience some people
can only show their best side when
everything around them is dark
and they can shine like the brightest of stars...
in my experience we can all find ourselves
somewhere and with someone that can influence us
that we can in turn have an influence on
the more that we are exposed to them -
especially if we are with someone
somewhere almost every day.

Life does not always give everybody a choice
as to whether they want to change or not -
because sometimes some things
must happen,
whether we want them to happen or not...
life has moving pieces and things
that must repeat and work
in synchronicity with one another
like the cogs, gears, and the settings of a clock...
people like things that reoccur
because it gives them something to look forward to -
that is why people like traditions...
life is about things that are built to last,
as well as about things that happen, are captured,
and then are gone again in a snap!
Life and people will always be a work in progress
and always in the process of constant transition.


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