My Poem “Bells”

As the church bells ring out
on a bright and beautiful Sunday morning
the resounding music is so captivating
that I always find myself stopping
and just listening to the voice that has
for me always been enchanting,
and which for me has always heralded, reminded,
and symbolised the gloriousness of the divine.

The sound of bells playing in synchronicity
that echoes from the bellfree
of a church in the countryside
or within the cathedral of a city
is something that is unmistakably
a thing of beauty...
the ringing of bells by the pull,
the release, and the capture of a rope,
or by the timely movement of someone's hand,
is a magical and inspiring gift of the soul -
like the most meaningful and heartfelt of poetry.

When a bell rings, when a bell is played,
when a bell sings, when a bell says
what it was always cast to say,
a resonating spirit and rhythm comes into being -
like the heartbeat within a person's chest -
and if every heart within everybody,
everywhere, all around the world,
were to strike in time,
and if they could all be heard as one, 
it would be like hearing
the beautiful music of life's eternal bells.


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