My Poem “The Environment of Nature”

There is no greater aroma than
what you inhale when you 
walk through a forest of trees...
there is no more heavenly experience
than witnessing and being caught in
the energy stream of the morning sunlight at dawn...
there is no place like being on a beach
while looking out to the horizon
as the sun sets below the waves...
there is no more invigorating sound
than the chorus of bird song
that heralds both the beginning
and the end of every day...
there is no more awe-inspiring sight
than seeing planet Earth glow like a pearl
as it spins against the darkness of space...
there is no more humbling experience
than looking down at all the life
and the light that thrives and shines below
as our world silently turns on its axis
and is orbited by its own celestial offspring, The Moon...
there is no more ethereal wonder
to witness than the beautiful rippling energy strands
of the auroras of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres
created when the sun physically reaches out
touches the thin translucent veil
of our world's atmosphere...
there is no more perfect moment
than looking up at the stars from the ground,
seeing the constellations,
seeing other planets within our solar system,
and realizing that everything and everyone
in the universe is connected...
there is so much more to life
on Earth and in the cosmos
that we have yet to discover...
there is so much more to a place
and a time than can ever be captured
or ever truly imagined...
there is so much more that humanity
can achieve together if only they
were able to put aside their differences
and talk to each other...
there is so much to be found
when you start wandering and wondering
about the greatest gift in existence:
the magical oasis of life that is
the environment of nature.

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