My Poem “Under the Rainbow”

As soon as I saw the rainbow
I couldn't take my eyes off it...
as soon as I saw the multi-coloured
half-circle arch across the sky
I smiled because of it...
as soon as I saw the faint spectrum
being created and projected by the sun's light
I was in awe of it...
as soon as I saw the entrancing natural phenomena
and symbol of universal love
I immediately wondered not
what I might find at the end of it -
like some kind of magical pot of gold -
but rather what might happen
if I were instead to walk underneath it?
So that is what I decided to do.
And what did I find when I walked
under the arc of the rainbow?
The road before me, the future,
the undiscovered opportunities
and gifts of inspiration that await me.

Rainbows always capture the attention
and alight the imagination of the young and the old -
but what I have discovered over my life
is that some things we find and then we lose,
some people make promises
that they say they will keep forever
but one day they do indeed let go,
and some things entrance us for a short time
but then disappear from view.

Life is unexpected, at the same time that it is predictable...
life can be ugly, scary -
but life can also be beautiful...
life and light is what I see
whenever I look up at the stars at night
that though they might have long since stopped burning
continue to shine and to glow...
life is what awaits us all
if and when we see
and get the opportunity
to walk under a rainbow.

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