My Poem “The Candle”

It's sometimes hard to know what to say,
it's sometimes hard to know what to do,
it's sometimes hard to know what someone
is personally going through
after they lose someone that they spent time with,
someone who they cared about,
someone who they loved,
and someone who they could never foresee
living in a world without;
but that is the anguish and that is the reality
of life and death that we all must
sometimes grapple with -
which can make us all feel mentally lost,
physically sick, and emotionally devastated...
it's sometimes hard to put into words
what someone meant to you,
because usually there are too many
memories and too many experiences to look back on
and recount in every detail
of what happened, when, why,
and how a particular person made us feel...
it's sometimes hard to know
if you have done enough for someone in need -
family members, friends, even strangers
who you can see are struggling with
a deep and excruciating pain;
but if you truly want to do something
for someone, then be there for them -
even if by doing so you are simply
on the other end of a phone,
grieving with them, giving them your time,
as well as the gift of your condolences
that are genuine, meaningful, and meant to help -
like the simple act of kindness
of remembering someone special
by lighting a candle.

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