My Poem “Talisman”

Something to remind you
of somebody far away -
a loved one, a friend,
someone who you think about every day...
something as simple as an object
that somebody gave you for safe keeping
and also to remember them by...
something personal - like a watch
passed down and worn on the wrist
of generations of ancestors and their descendants -
that symbolizes a way back through time...
something like a mantra that is repeated
over and over again to open a door
inwards and outwards...
something like a candle that we use
when the power goes out
and we have to use the only precious light
that we have to see the path before us...
something like a photograph
taken when visiting somewhere
indescribable and meaningful
with someone who is a daily hand to hold
and a guide back to solid ground
when we find ourselves far from land...
something that gives us a feeling
of hope, optimism, as well as
a forward momentum -
because to us they will always be
a talisman.

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