My Poem “True Empathy”

People sometimes say
that you can't fake chemistry...
People sometimes say
that opposites attract...
People sometimes say
that they don't like poetry...
People sometimes say
that there is no one more perfect person
to talk to than someone who "gets you" -
someone who understands you,
someone who does not judge,
someone who believes in you,
someone who is intrigued by you,
someone who sees themselves you,
someone who is on the same path as you -
because, like you, they are
in every way a kindred soul
and a fellow empath.

People are sometimes drawn together...
people cannot live in a vacuum...
people sometimes work better
when they are working through things
and exchanging things with each other... 
people who have spent too much time
seeing others only on zoom
have to take some time to take a step back,
to take a step out of a frame,
and to meet people outside
of the four walls, the ceiling,
and the floor of a room.

People are capable of perceiving
multiple layers of life at once -
but when it comes to understanding
all sides and all depths of something
it can take some time to gain
enough experience and wisdom
for them give back a learned, measured,
and an intelligible response...
people are willing to give a little
to get alot -
but some people do not want to wait
for what they expect is coming to them.

People live in worlds of their own making
that overlap with the internal
and the external worlds of others...
some people are happy to talk,
some people are happy to listen -
but most people are unwilling to
talk from the heart,
to listen with more than their ears,
to think about anything or anybody
other themselves,
because they are just waiting for their time to shine;
however, there are those people
whom we have all met,
who we may have known for years
or perhaps we only knew for a short time,
who know the true meaning of give and take -
because they can always cut through
the static of chaos and find the light
hiding behind the darkness of lies
that some people like to tell -
like some kind of truth seeker
with the profound gift of true empathy.

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