My Poem “Sombre”

Life definitely feels different now...
the strings of life are definitely playing
more sombrely and vibrating on a more downbeat frequency...
life definitely feels like there has been
a conglomeration of uncertain clouds...
there is no music to be heard -
however people are talking about
what is on everybody's mind,
because there is a mutual feeling
of loss at the passing of the people's queen.

The people of the United Kingdom and the world
all appear to be in a state of shock
and remorse...
we all knew what happened
would happen one day,
but we were not ready for it -
but how could anybody prepare themselves
for a loss that feels so great,
it is as if the direction of the country
and it's people are aboard a boat
thay is now sailing off course.

People are walking around
somewhat in a daze...
people are not saying much,
but it is obvious how they are feeling
from the expressions on their face...
people are keeping calm and carrying on -
just as they have always been told they have to
after losing someone who meant
something to them since they were young;
but right now I think everybody
feels as if they have lost someone
who felt more like a family member
than a sovereign...
people come, people go -
but when you grow up with someone,
and you one day lose that person,
you naturally feel sad,
and the atmosphere that surrounds you
and everyone connected to you
who knew them also
is always sombre.

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