My Poem “Under your skin”

When someone or something
gets under your skin
it can sometimes be hard
to rid yourself of them...
when someone or something
changes something fundamental about you
it can sometimes be hard
to wipe them clean from your mind...
when you lose someone or something
that gave you the gift of something amazing
when you first met them it can be hard
to try and erase them from your life...
when someone or something
influences you like a drug
it can be hard to detoxify...
when someone or something
fills your heart with love
it can be hard to deny what to you
feels so true it could not be a lie...
when someone or something
leaves their mark upon you
it can be even more indelible than a tattoo
and too deep to ever be seen...
when someone or something
makes you feel better about yourself
than you have felt in your entire life
then you know that though they
may no longer be around physically
who and what they meant to you
will always remain with you
under your skin.

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