My Poem “New Car Smell”

There is always something
exciting about the prospect of ordering,
waiting, and then eventually getting
something you want and have been
looking forward to having in your possession...
there is always a rush of blood to the head
filled with the intoxicating cocktail
of both dopamine and adrenaline
that brings a smile to your face
whenever you have something in your grasp
that you wholeheartedly believe
makes all the hard work to do
to get what you want more than worth it...
there is always a feeling of satisfaction
that bubbles up inside of you
when you are given the keys to something
and you know exactly what they symbolise
and what it is that they mean...
there is always a moment of happiness
when you take the steps down a path
that you know with utter certainty
what lies at the end and where it leads...
there is always a way to do something
that is different from how others have done it before
that may seem unconventional to some
but which rings true to you
as distinctively as that of the sound of a bell...
there is always something in the air
that you can sense rising all around you
whenever you find yourself in the driving seat
of a vehicle of opportunity that immediately
makes you feel at home, comfortable,
hopeful, and as invigorated as whenever
someone first inhales the distinctive
and intoxicating aroma of a "New Car Smell".

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