My Poem “Breaking Habits”

Like the needle of a record player
when a vinyl album reaches it's conclusion,
in life people can feel like they have been
thrown out of a groove that they have been in
when they reach the ultimate end
of a particular revolution or cycle...
it can be jarring, it can be hard to find your place again...
it can be worrying, it can be like finding yourself
driving down a highway and then drifting
out of your lane.

Over time everybody naturally picks up habits
that come to define them and sustain them...
over time everybody exhibits new attitudes
and new mannerisms that are noticeable
to every observer of human behaviour...
over time everybody starts doing things
that they probably shouldn't do
because they are motivated more
by what their heart, rather than their head, is telling them...
over time everybody does things
that might feel like déjà vu moments
of similar instances that might have happened before.

Over time old myths always become replaced
by new myths with new names and new faces...
things we used to do and people we used to see
and interact with every day
over time become replaced
by new things and by new people
who we become familiar with...
what and who people think are bad for us
is always open to interpretation
and sometimes it can take some time
to realize that like a bottle of pop
a relationship has lost its fizz...
we are all habitual by nature -
from our psychology to our biology -
which is why it is not surprising
that we do the same things over and over again;
but sometimes, for your own good,
you have to do something
that might once have felt impossible:
you have to stop doing
some things you have been doing
and you have to change the life
that you have been living
by breaking some of your
most definable good and bad habits.

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