My Poem “The English Summer”

The Summer sun has arrived
upon the shores, on the beaches,
on the hills, in the parks, in the gardens,
and on the streets of the cities
of our island country...
the Summer sun has bestowed
upon the flowers, the trees,
the animals, the insects, the birds,
the people of the place I call home
a fresh wave of warmth and connection
like the tides of an ever present ocean...
the Summer sun has people
breaking out their barbecues
and gathering together to feast with one another...
the Summer sun has people
coming out of their shell
to sing, to dance, and to revel with each other...
the Summer sun has people
freeing themselves of their inhibitions...
the Summer sun has people
feeling like the time is right to
to go to places of beauty and fascination...
the Summer sun has a draw to it
that is the perfect stage for nature
to display its kaleidoscope of infinite colours...
the Summer sun has the gift
to be able to rejuvenate the spirit
and the gift to be able to give
an insight into the human experience -
but the Summer sun is also
something to enjoy in small doses,
because too much may cause more harm than good...
the Summer sun is shining bright in the sky
and as I bask in its rays I feel something
that reminds me of something
I have felt and I know well:
the odyssey of emotions and feelings
that all come together at the height
of the English Summer.

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