My Poem “Interesting Times”

Some people want to live
a life that is undemanding, easy,
quiet and hassle-free...
some people want to live
a life living and doing
the same things every day...
some people sometimes make a wish
that their life was more thrilling
and full of experiences and events
that might add more depth
and colour to a seemingly
black and white existence...
some people sometimes believe
that if they meet the right person
then their entire life would make sense
and they would feel complete...
some people want things
that they can't have, shouldn't have,
but they want them anyway...
some people want the truth -
but in the end they find out
that they might have been happier believing a lie...
some people have this instinct
to reach for the highest point,
to stand upon the highest summit,
to go fast and to not think about
who and what they might encounter along their journey...
some people can seemingly do nothing
and for some reason someone won't like them...
some people like roller-coasters and slides...
some people like the challenge of a climb...
some people sometimes find themselves
living in a maelstrom of their own choices, actions, and emotions that makes them
pine for when the weather around them
was more predictable, pleasant, and fine...
some people do things in their life
and there comes a moment when they realise
the true meaning of the wish/curse
"May you live in interesting times".

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