My Poem “Screen Heroes”

When I was a child,
whenever I watched someone
doing something in a TV show or a movie
I always immediately began to imagine
myself as if I were who I saw
and I wanted to be them in real life...
I remember watching Kevin Costner
as Robin Hood and immediately afterwards
I wanted to pick up a bow and arrow,
to live in Sherwood Forest,
and to be just like the "Prince of Thieves"...
I remember watching "Star Wars"
when Obi-wan Kenobi is telling
Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker
that the Force will be with him
and hoping that throughout my life
the Force would also be with me...
I remember watching Harrison Ford
as Indiana Jones and afterwards
feeling drawn to becoming
an archaeologist who uncovered and revealed
the stories and the mysteries of history...
I remember watching Marty McFly
traveling in the Deloreon time machine
and leaving a fiery trail after it reached 88mph
and wanting to be a time traveler just like him and go "Back to the Future"...
I remember watching William Shatner
as Captain James T. Kirk travelling
at warp speed on the starship Enterprise
in "Star Trek" and wanting to also take a voyage
to the final frontier and across the galaxy...
I remember seeing Christopher Reeve
as Superman and immediately believing
that it was possible for a man to fly...
I remember watching multiple actors
play James Bond and wanting to be
by their side as they drove at full speed
in their Aston Martin through the streets
of some exciting and interesting city...
I remember being a child
and being a captivated, enthralled,
motivated, inspired, at the same time
hearing the call to adventure
and wish fulfillment by so many
of my life-long screen heroes.

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