My Poem “Parting Ways”

It can be easy,
if can be hard...
you can feel free,
you can feel lost -
but there comes a time when
one must become two again,
because that is the way
things are meant to be...
things, people, can start out
and seem disperate and different
from one another -
but over time, when multiple
elements are mixed together,
a new state of equanimity
can be created and there is
perfect harmony, maybe even love;
however, most things are not meant
to last forever - even though
you may desperately want them to -
and gradually tensions and tears
start appearing it what was once
a seemingly perfect relationship,
and then things can get too bad
and they become too far gone to fix
and what follows is the eventual end of things...
no one ever wants to envision
the last time they do something...
no one ever wants to consider
what might happen when something stops...
"goodbye" is a word no one wants to say -
but things happen, things change,
people change, people grow apart,
and sometimes you have to do something
as devastating and heartbreaking
as walking away and partings ways.


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