My Poem “Vibes”

It can happen instantly...
it can happen in a flash...
it can flow easily like water
or like the words of poetry...
it can happen fast.

They can be like a faint rumble...
they can be like a tsunami...
they can make you feel humble...
they can make you feel free.

It can start as simply as hearing
a song playing on the radio...
it can begin with something
as perfect as a smile...
it can last longer than something
that can be seen or shown...
it can find you at the same time
as you find them and as regularly
as the shadow of a sundial.

They can be bad...
they can be good...
they can be sad...
they can be misunderstood;
however, whenever anybody
finds themselves somewhere,
sometime, perhaps with someone
who also feels what they feel
and on the same frequency
it can be more powerful than
the gravity of the moon that creates
the ocean's infinite tides...
there is no way of mistaking
the sensations, the emotions,
the feeling of elation,
the tingle of electricity that accompanies
the rise of the spirit within
that can inspire the thoughts,
that can move the body,
that can overcome and compel anyone
with a wave of multi-layered
and meaningful vibes.

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