My Poem “Poetry is my religion”

Whenever I open my eyes,
whenever I close my eyes,
within me, around me,
I know that I am not alone...
whenever I am confronted by
the spectre of fear and doubt
I know that I can instantly connect
with a wellspring of hope...
whenever I feel like I do not know
what to do or where to go
I know that I am on a path
of enlightenment that I started upon
from the day that I was born...
whenever I find myself thinking,
feeling, dreaming, allowed
to let my mind, my heart, my spirit
and my soul wander I always hear
the voice of the eternal call...
whenever I can, wherever I am -
whether sitting on a bench in a park,
whether sitting at a table in a cafe,
whether in my bedroom looking out the window,
I feel connected to the world, to the universe,
to nature, to the sun of the day
and to the stars of the night sky,
and I also feel connected to people
from my past life, from my present life,
and perhaps to those who I have yet to meet
who I do not yet know I am connected to
and who do not yet know are already connected to me...
whenever I have sought out
the next signpost that will lead me
to what direction I am destined to take
down the the multitude of roads
of choice and fate I know that
whether I am surrounded by tall trees,
by tall buildings, by nature, or by people,
I am free to be and to free to experience
what and with whom I am supposed to
my own personal perception of life
and follow my faith of hope and optimism
that lies at the heart of what I believe,
what I live by, and what speaks to me
and every day convinces me
that poetry in all its forms is my religion.


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