My Poem “Number One”

In every level of life -
from the playground of a school
to the CEOs of companies trying
to outbid one another while trying
to secure a multi-million dollar contract -
there are always rivalries between two sides,
both wanting to walk away victorious...
in every facet of entertainment and culture -
from films to television,
from literature to music,
from fashion to sport -
everybody wants to be more successful
that those in the same sandbox in which
they play in, at the same as doing what they do best,
and hopefully better than all the rest...
in every place of business or recreation
there are always contests between
opposing forces who both want to win -
but, as with everything, some participants
take tests of their skills
more seriously than others
and in turn will break the rules
or outright find a way to cheat
just so that they can say that they are unmatched...
in every part of the world
physical rivals, intellectual rivals,
industrial rivals, technological rivals,
relationship rivals battle it out
against one another,
and in every duel there is always
a high ground of sorts that exists
that either side wants to get to first...
in every field, on every pitch, in every room,
in every arena, on every gameboard,
physical or metaphorical,
there will always be winners
and there will always be losers,
there will always be those who will be
overcome with joy at being a champion
and there will always be those
who will be left disappointed -
because there will always be those
who will do anything and everything,
no matter what, to be #1.


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