My Poem “Exodus”

People are leaving...
there appears to be a mass exodus...
people are choosing to uproot themselves
and start a new chapter in a new setting;
however there are still the shadows left
of those whose presence
we will never forget.

Places change, people change...
nothing and no one is
ever meant to stay the same...
photographs that start out
as symbols of hope and optimism
over time do begin to fade...
after something monumental happens
that shakes the foundations of somewhere
people are always left in shock
and always look around and want answers
from those who they believe
are ultimately to blame.

There is always a first time for everything
and there is always a last time...
everything and everyone
wants and needs trust...
there is always a feeling of disappointment
when people realise that they have
been deceived into believing a lie.

Everyone has to make the right decisions
for them
at the time that they are faced with a choice -
and for some people, when they look around
and at their surroundings, and they think about
how, who, and what they have always known
might have changed in ways
that are unpalatable for them to remain,
they sometimes choose to make
the life-changing leap with others
who have also chosen to become
a part of the exodus.

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