My Poem “Honour Among Poets”

Poets would not, should not,
and could not steel from one another -
however a poet may deliberately,
or perhaps unknowingly,
be inspired by another poet
to create their own work of word art...
the poetry of poets always echoes
beyond the page they are written upon -
even before there was the printing press,
the telegram, the telephone, the fax,
the Internet, email and social media
the inspiration of a poet spread far and wide
by the use of word of mouth...
poets have their own thought process,
their own writing style,
their own tried and tested truth
that they like to share that can be
as vague as a cloud or as direct as a dart...
the poems of poets may speak volumes
about who they are and what drives them artistically
while at the same being as short as a sonnet...
poets wake up every day looking,
listening, and experiencing things
differently than those around them -
and sometimes poets can look at
the same something that they looked at
only the day before and see something
unique and worth remembering,
repeating, and sharing...
poetry comes from familiarity
as well as from uncertainty...
poetry comes from the mind
as well as from the soul of an artist
and the connection that they have
to a source of creation as powerful
as the sun's rays upon a garden
that inspires all forms of life
to collect and spread nature's natural energy...
poets are the interpreters as well
as the guides to what is ordinarily
overlooked by those who sometimes
only see the world in black and white...
poetry is the expression and the echo
of someone who has alot to say
but who may sometimes find it hard
to express in person their thoughts,
their feelings, their experiences and their desires -
and while some might use the poetry of others
to extend and deepen their insight into the human soul
those who are sensitive to such things
can rest assured that there will always
be honour among poets.

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