My Poem “One thing leads to another”

It always amazes me how fast
one thing can lead to another...
it always feels somehow supernatural
when one action has the unexpected
occurance of causing a domino effect
that slowly reveals a hidden image or pattern
just waiting to be pieced together...
it always seems unbelievable whenever
I see order lead to chaos
and whenever I saw chaos lead to order...
it always makes me smile how
a single song, a simple gesture,
or a small gift of kindness
can make a heart take flight...
it always seems somehow natural
whenever I feel drawn,
like a hummingbird to flower,
to people who for some reason
I know immediately will
change and influence me for the better...
it is always a rush whenever I
enter, or re-enter, into something,
or into somewhere, I haven't, or I have,
been before that always had to happen -
because like the seemingly random
things that somehow happen in life,
throughout the universe,
one thing will always lead to another.


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