My Poem “Converse”

I have always loved to talk...
I have always loved to meet new people...
I have always allowed my enthusiasm for life
to guide me ever since I could walk...
I have always been able to find something
to converse with someone about -
no matter how big or how small...
I have always loved discovering
what I have in common with others
and what others have in common with me...
I have always loved taking the time
to listen and to learn from people
who have no idea just how insightful
and interesting they can effortlessly be...
I have always loved the thought that we
here on Earth are constantly transmitting
and communicating the infinite layers
of what makes us what we are
out into the vast expanse of universe...
I have always loved the idea that there
are also those out there, in every galaxy,
who every minute of every day are also
listening and sending out
their own voice and their own message -
accidentally, or deliberately, trying to
reach out and converse.

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