My Poem “Fresh Faced”

Sometimes enough is enough...
sometimes you have to stop something
before it runs away like a raging bull...
sometimes you have to leave those who you love...
sometimes when the sun goes down
and you are sitting alone in the dark
you have to look within, grasp and use
that which lies within your soul to light your way
to where you should go...
sometimes people are wrong,
sometimes people are right...
sometimes people close their eyes 
because they are blinded by the light
and they miss warning signs about things
and about people that they
might have passed along the way...
sometimes the sun shines and it feels good -
especially if you feel as if you have
been living within the confines of a cage...
sometimes you have to look in the mirror
and splash a hand full of water over your face
in order to wash away the layers of sediment
that have built up over time
on your skin and in your eyes
so that you can see the fresh face
of possibilities that are there
to be found in every moment.

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