My Poem “Keep Fighting”

Don't give up, do your best,
keep going, keep fighting -
that is what I have been taught to do
all my life
and that is what I have done...
stand up for what you believe in,
stand your ground, face your adversary,
stay calm, don't be afraid, don't run -
that is what I have tried to do
whenever I have found myself
in a David and Goliath situation
when I have found myself face to face
with something or someone more imposing.

I have never liked bullies,
and although in school I was called
names about my height and how I looked
I have never allowed the words of others
to get under my skin and make me
think that I was anything
or anyone less than I was -
I always just assumed that some people
had a problem with me for reason
which was not my problem
and I couldn't do anything
to change their mind even if I wanted to...
I am mostly a pacifist who believes
that peace, ideas and words are powerful
and are essential to change the world;
however, if given the option to have
to defend my right to exist and to preserve
my way of life and the life of others,
I would be willing to show who I am
and what I stand for -
freedom of self-expression for everyone
and the freedom to love anything or anyone -
in any way imaginable,
because I am not afraid.

When I was younger, I was much more reserved...
when I was younger, I mostly kept myself to myself...
when I was younger, I had friends -
but I knew that I was different from
everybody else my age,
which is a superpower I have learned...
when I was younger, I had my share
of disagreements with people young and old -
but now that I am older I realise
that sometimes it is better to
say nothing and keep walking,
because there will come a time for everyone
when the cards of fate will be dealt...
when I was younger, I was as fast
and as full of energy as a bolt of lightning -
but now that I am older I am sure
that I am not as fast-footed as I was in my youth;
however, I know that if ever I found myself
having to defend my home,
my family, my people, my hopes, my dreams,
then I would not hesitate to do
what must be done and do what I have
always been taught to do:
to stay hopeful and to keep fighting.

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